By Ryan St, Rob Harper and Stephanie Lauren.

Zoma claim to be the descendants of the ancient gods - gods long dead before Kontokko, even before Maas. They know Ganram from the womb, and are mighty tempests of power.

The Zoma were one of those who had great civilizations in ages long past. They built immense cities etc. (nice large size ruins), but they defied Fate when they sought to build a city that would never pass away and be eternal.

Imram of the Pillars they called it, now becoming the Eternally Hidden City. Numerous omens and warnings were received as they undertook this project, enslaving many other peoples to pursue it. They ignored all and upon the placing of the final capstone atop Imram's highest monument, Fate judge them. They had defied the will of Fate that all things return to dust. Imram vanished from the face of the world and the Zoma were accursed.

They were broken into misshapen, monstrous subraces of ogres, trolls and such with only a few resembling their noble predecessors.

Two kinds survive free of these curses. They descend from those Zoma who saw the arrogance and conceit in creating Imram and fled the city before its destruction and the curse befalling those still in it.

These are:

  1. True Giants, who seethe with elemental forces in their blood.
  2. Eru - those who appear to be human but who have powerful magic at their beck and call. They are said to have the power to walk the streets of lost Imram, for moments at a time, but by so doing to draw fearsome powers.

All the Zoma-descended races have a perverse hatred of the Fated, view other races as lesser and cannot abide the growth or success of such. Amazing as it may seem, still to this day they have never forgiven or accepted Fate the frustration of their dreams and plot to break the Wheel of Fate, shattering its hold upon the world even if it shatters the world. They all dream of restoring Imram to the world permanently.