You Are Badass

A short and sweet game where you play a badass in the near future.

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By Chris Sakkas

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On the Story-Games forums, there was a competition to design a game in 365 seconds (6 minutes, 5 seconds).

I wrote this game in response to my frustrations with a recent game of Cthulhutech where we spent more time figuring out how awesome we were than we did in being awesome.

I cheated: I mulled this game over a lot before starting it. I changed one word after finishing - 'lost forever' to 'secure forever'.

You Are Badass

Humanity is fucked and you are badass.

This game does not measure how fucked humanity is or how badass you are.


When you try to do something, roll a die.

1-2, you fail – badly.
3-4, you fail but … or you succeed but …
5-6, you succeed.

Don't like your result? Like your result a lot? Explain how something that matters to you a lot is on the line, and roll another die. Now, you can distribute those dice between your goal and the thing that matters.

Thing that matters:

1-2, lost forever.
3-4, lost for now.
5-6, secure for now.

Or, put BOTH dice on the one thing. If those are two fives or 2 sixes, the thing is succeeded mightily or secure forever.

Yes, you can keep adding things that matter to the roll.

Things That Matter

Write down five things that matter to you, or ten or twenty if you like.

Badass Level

You begin as a badass. See Appendix 1: List of Badasses.

If you lose everything that matters to you or you secure everything that matters to you, you become a motherfucker or you retire your character and make a motherfucker. Come up with another list of things that matter, this time things that matter to humanity.

See Appendix 2: List of Motherfuckers.


This game can be played in two ways, either straight or ironically.

Straight: If you are ironic, you lose your character. If you are ironic again, you are kicked out of the session. If you are ironic again, you are not allowed to play You Are Badass again.
Ironically: This game cannot be played ironically.

Appendix 1: List of Badasses

Cops, spies, agents, Freemasons, psychics, magicians, sorcerers, PIs, etc.

Appendix 2: List of Motherfuckers

Mecha, monsters, people who can turn into monsters, people who can turn into mecha, demigods, things from the stars, etc.