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By Chris Sakkas

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The Wick

Limitation: Boundless Ambition

You are attracted to power in all its forms, and find it difficult to surrender any of it to others.


Cutting: The Wick can slice off the tip of a finger on his left hand, removing the fingernail and treating it to place a spell in it. He is naturally limited to five charms of this nature at a time, though when one ends his fingertip slowly and painfully regrows. The ten options are:

  • Leftmost Finger, for Loss: When the owner places this nail on the ground, it is tossed by an unfelt breeze towards the closest lost item, object or person.
  • Left Ring Finger, for Warning: When the owner is watched or hunted by an unseen person, this nail burns red-hot.
  • Left Middle Finger, for Deceit: When dropped into a drink, this nail will purify the contents of disease and poison.
  • Left Index Finger, for Hate: When the owner is dealt damage by an attack to the face, the nail breaks and no damage is sustained.
  • Left Thumb, for Speech: The owner can communicate telepathically with the Wick at all times.

The Dark Kiss: By kissing the cold lips of a corpse, the Wick can trap an unquiet soul in his body. In the heat of combat he may release this dark force, with an effect dependent on the nature of the soul’s death.

  • Smothered and Gasping: The Wick must kiss one who suffocated. An enemy in sight has the air dashed from her lungs. She cannot attack, assist, push or show off until she spends two awesome tokens.
  • Bloody and Inglorious: The Wick must kiss one killed by violence. For the rest of the combat, the Wick rolls two face dice per attack, taking the highest.
  • Cruel Dweomers: The Wick must kiss one slain by magic. The next creature the Wick successfully attacks takes 3 damage the next time it casts a spell or uses magic of any kind.

My Better Half: The Wick can summon a demon, trading away a paltry and forgettable thing in exchange for a loyal assistant. Each demon demands two things: a Wick’s total score in an attribute and a part of the Wick’s free will (in other words, the Wick gains a Limitation). The relevant attribute is reduced to +0 for the duration of the demon’s stay, and for one day beyond the demon’s dismissal. A demon that loses hit points cannot heal them in any way (some codexes say consuming the heart of a virgin return them to their original hit point total, but this is unconfirmed).

  • Grugach the Manifold: The Wick’s Alertness is reduced to +0 and the Wick becomes Paranoid (he refuses to trust even the dearest and oldest of comrades). Grugach has Ferocity equal to the Wick’s score in Alertness. Grugach has hit points equal to his Ferocity and can lose one Ferocity to make an attack. If Grugach rolls a face die, the victim loses one eye. Grugach can also lose one Ferocity to see one true thing: this may reveal something hidden, restore something transformed, give insight into the future or the past or show what is occurring elsewhere. Grugach can also lose one Ferocity to leave a twitching eye implanted somewhere: what it sees is what the Wick sees (should Grugach later absorb this eye, it regains 1 Ferocity).
  • Ged: The Wick’s Sneakiness is reduced to +0 and the Wick becomes Lost (he no longer has a sense of self, seeing himself as merely part of the inevitable vastness of Fate). Ged has Ferocity equal to the Wick’s score in Sneakiness and can lose one Ferocity to make an attack. If Ged rolls a face die, the victim disappears for one turn (the Wick can send Ged after her – Ged’s Ferocity is reduced to 0 but the victim is trapped there until she escapes or is rescued). Ged can also lose one Ferocity to draw something into it: hiding items, storing heavy treasure and suffocating small animals.
  • Zarahim of the Seven Arms: The Wick’s Daring is reduced to +0 and the Wick becomes Cowardly. Zarahim has Ferocity equal to the Wick’s score in Daring and can lose one Ferocity to make two attacks. Zarahim can lose one Ferocity to fill someone with fear: they cannot take the action they were planning to take and must take a different one instead. Zarahim can also spend one Ferocity to find secret pathways, safe routes and to catch people off their guard.


Wicks sometimes take on apprentices to assist them with pacts and experiments – and as convenient sacrifices to placate formidable demons. They can also perform a number of rituals:
The Deep Binding: Wicks can make the demon summoned through My Better Half permanent. This requires a great sacrifice, permanently reducing the relevant attribute to -1. The demon never loses Ferocity, though it can lose (and heal) hit points.

Some Wicks put out both of their eyes, permanently reducing their Alertness to -1.