When All Was Sky

By Ryan St and Stephanie Lauren

Found on pages stained with blood:

Yaikobo, do not depart too hastily. I have made a tremendous find: My grandfather's rubbings from the citadel at Hune. You will recall that in Tovran's saga he fails to enter Nahabal because he cannot fathom the questions being asked of him; these rubbings may be the key. They appear to be the old Zoma origin myth. As with any Ganric translation, the time required is immense, but here is the first two tablets:

When all was sky,
there was neither sun
nor earth
nor waters
nor stars to count
and all was silent.

But the silence breathed
and its breath was stars
so the silence took up the stars,
and gave itself a name.

I see names of the First Gods scattered about the text: Uramu, Namti, Kemaati. But strangely, not Kontokko, Kol, or even the more ancient Ijavan. Perhaps the First Gods are older than we knew, or the Zoma only knew them later. Regardless, please visit me in Denayir as soon as you can - I can only imagine it will hold more clues to Nahabal and my grandfather's strange writings.