Two One Page Settings

Sense, Ghouls and Sensibility and All The World's A Stage.

By Chris Sakkas.

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One Page Setting: Sense, Ghouls and Sensibility

It is the beginning of the 19th century and love and the smell of rotting corpses is in the air. Eligible young bachelors and bachelorettes flirt as never before over dueling sabers in the dojos and over the disemboweled corpses of their enemies. Lovers snatch quick kisses between the reports of musket fire as the unstoppable armies of the damned rise from their graves to do the Devil’s work.

I have never read Sense and Sensibility.

Abilities (Disabilities): Strong (Weak), Tough (Sickly), Sensible (Foolish), Willful (Impressionable), Agile (Clumsy), Fast (Slow), Charming (Unpleasant), Attractive (Ugly), Well-Bred (Common). Sensible includes Clever and Wise. To be Willful is to be stubborn and courageous – use it to face down a charge of zombies or to tell a lady how ardently you love and admire her.

Recommended Skills: Perception, Gaming, Seduction, Handling Animals, Athletics, Acrobatics, Performance, Manners, Lies, Gossip, Guns, Swordfighting, Daggerfighting, Axefighting, Archery, Dodging, Blocking, Dark Lore, Education, Wealth, Strategy and Tactics, Riding, Courage, Hardiness. Use Hardiness when making Tough rolls to avoid succumbing to injury.

Sample Characters

Skinless Shambler

Skinless shamblers are aged skeletons awoken by an unknown, compelling force.
Strong, Sickly, Foolish, Slow, Unpleasant, Ugly.
Clawing, Biting, Hardiness.

Empty Raiment

When a wife or child dies, a man’s mourning can animates the lost one’s clothes. Well-bred aristocrats are reluctant to mention that a lady is not altogether there – the euphemism ‘she is not all herself today’ is preferred. Raiments do not communicate, instead leaving impressions – one might walk away from a one-sided conversation agreeing the ball gown is ‘a lovely young lady’.

Impressionable, Smart, Very Charming, Well-Bred.
Manners, Impressionism +2.


Zombies take considerable punishment before they succumb to their injuries. If a zombie infects a human, that person becomes a zombie in a number of days.

Strong, Very Tough, Slow, Unpleasant, Ugly.
Hardiness +2, Biting.

Rabid Dog

Dogs sometimes defend their master against a zombie attack, taking a bite not meant for them. They are rewarded for their loyalty … by death! When they find prey they howl to draw nearby undead.

Strong, Fast, Unpleasant, Ugly.
Tracking +2, Biting.


Ghouls are faster, more vicious zombies. Ignore the first wound they take in each round.
Very Strong, Tough, Fast, Unpleasant, Ugly.
Intimidation +2, Tracking, Clawing.

One Page Setting: All The World’s a Stage

This campaign takes place in the world described by Shakespeare. A Moorish general sulks in Venice while lovers slip into the Athenian woods. Fair Verona is fair torn apart in the savage war between two families and Prospero waits for a chance – any chance – to reclaim the title and lands that are rightfully his. Nor is Prospero the only one with ambitions, for a hoary king plots to wrestle his kingdom from his daughters by war or murder.

Abilities (Disabilities): Strong (Weak), Tough (Sickly), Clever (Dense), Wise (Foolish), Agile (Clumsy), Fast (Slow), Charming (Unpleasant), Attractive (Ugly). Agile includes Dexterous in this setting.

Recommended Skills: Governing, Controlling Spirits, Gambling, Seduction, Befriending Animals, Athletics, Craft, Disguise, Manners, Lies, Gossip, Guns, Swordfighting, Daggerfighting, Axefighting, Dodging, Blocking, Intimidation, Seeing Things as They Truly Are, Foolery, Warcraft, Riding, Streetsmarts, Sailing, Stealth, Woodlore, Knowledge of Distant Places.

Adventure Ideas

Tale of Woo: Othello, a charming general from Venice, is looking for a wife and the characters are all eligible young ladies or owe favours to those ladies. Though the ball is pretty and all its guests are civilised, some maidens will do anything to win such a blessed husband.

Something Rotten: A prince of Denmark, sick of the scheming and bloodshed of the Old World, plans to take his court – including the hapless characters – to the New World. The prince’s loyal subjects must first convince the equivocating prince to settle on a course of action and then ensure that royal assassins, ghosts and scalp-hunting Indians do not divert him from his goal.

The Royal Succession: King Lear has had enough trouble with his three rebellious daughters, but now Britain seems to be suffering from a surfeit of princes: Edward, Hal and his irrepressible companion Falstaff, the Duke of Bedford and Pericles all claim to be next in line to the throne.

Sample Characters


Very Strong, Very Tough, Ugly.
Woodlore, Blocking, Intimidation, Stealth.


Very Fast, Very Clever, Foolish.
Knowledge of Distant Places, Woodlore, Flight +2.

The Fool

Very Wise, Clever.
Seeing Things as They Truly Are +2, Foolery +2, Gossip.


Very Attractive, Charming, Foolish.
Seduction, Daggerfighting +2, Capulet Secrets.

A Witch

Very Charming, Clever, Wise, Ugly.
Prophesy +2, Seduction, Woodlore, Intimidation.