Toybox Wars

Miniatures Games

Author Berin Kinsman
Licence Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States License
Website Uncle Bear

Toybox Wars was designed to allow you to play simple wargames with toys. Any kind of toys. Have fights with plastic army men. Pit
your die-cast cars against each other in car chases. Engage in epic battles between action figures. Let plush animals run wild and beat the stuffing out of each other. Whatever works for you.

This is still very much a playtest document, but it's free. Have fun, and I appreciate any feedback.

Needed to play

Toys. A lot of regular six-sided dice. A healthy imagination. Use the Sheet on Page 2 to keep track of your die pools.


Each turn consists of the following actions:

1. Allocate your die pools

Each player starts with 10 dice. Giant characters can have multiples of 10. For small toys, like a squad of army men, the pool represents the whole group. Divide your dice up between the three main die pools.

Dodge Dice – Indicates how much damage you can avoid.
Attack Dice – How much damage you inflict.
Floating Dice – Can be used for Dodge or Attack, as well as any other sort of action.

There are two additional pools, which are used during play. The Spent Dice pool is where dice go once you've used them that turn. The Damage pool is where dice go when the character is attacked.

2. Roll your Dodge dice

Any result other than a 1 or 2 is a success. Leave successes in the Dodge pool. Move failures to the Spent dice pool

3. Move

Each character moves one space. Smallest characters move the short side of a playing card. The next size moves the long length. Larger characters move the shot length of a sheet of paper, and gigantic characters move the long side of a sheet of paper.

4. Roll your Attack Dice

The pool can be divided up between multiple targets and rolled as separate pools. Anything but a 1 or 2 succeeds. Move rolled dice to
the Spent pool.

5. Account for Damage

The number of successful attack dice equals the number of dice damage a target character takes. Dodge dice are removed first and placed into the Spent pool, and can be reallocated next turn. Remaining damage is taken from other die pools, including the Spent pool, and placed in the Damage pool. These dice cannot be reallocated next turn.