To qualify for a feat, you must have done something amazing. Obviously, what’s amazing or not is subjective, so you need to make your case to your fellow players. If they agree that it’s amazing, you can take the feat.

You don’t have to select a feat right away. You can save that option for as long as you like. You could even wait until you do something amazing and then immediately take a feat.


You found your way out a tight spot.


You noticed something everyone else missed.

Animal Affinity

You befriended or trained an animal.

Armour Proficiency (Heavy)

You fought in heavy armour for a day. Requires: Armour Proficiency (Medium).

Armour Proficiency (Light)

You fought in light armour for a day.

Armour Proficiency (Medium)

You fought in medium armour for a day. Requires: Armour Proficiency (Light).


You made your way to a place no one else did.

Augment Summoning

You fought alongside a summoned creature.


You fought bravely and well despite being unable to see.

Brew Potion



You killed three creatures in three turns.

Combat Casting

You cast a spell despite being harmed.

Combat Reflexes

You killed a foe with an attack of opportunity.

Craft Magic Arms and Armour; Rod; Staff; Wand; Wondrous Item



You fooled someone with a big lie.

Deflect Arrows

You were fired upon three times in a round and all missed.

Deft Hands

You successfully pick pocketed something bigger than your fist.


You killed an enemy in the same combat where you were reduced to below 0 hit points.


You spent an entire week working on a problem.


You were attacked three times in a round and all missed.

Empower Spell

One of the dice you rolled in the course of casting a spell was as high as it is possible to be.


You were the only one to resist an environmental effect.

Enlarge Spell


Eschew Materials


Exotic Weapon Proficiency

You fought for a day with an exotic weapon.

Extend Spell

You made use of a spell for its entire duration.

Extra Turning

You used all your available turning attempts.

Far Shot

You hit an enemy at far range.

Forge Ring


Great Cleave

You killed four enemies in two rounds. Requires: Cleave.

Great Fortitude

You made a Fortitude save that everyone else failed.

Greater Spell Focus


Greater Spell Penetration

You circumvented a creature’s spell resistance. Requires: Spell Penetration.

Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

In the one round, you killed two enemies – one with each weapon. Requires: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.