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By Chris Sakkas

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The Seraph is my fourth attempt at creating interesting warrior classes for Redbox Hack. She's a human sworn to fight for the Heavenly Host, a master of alchemy and the fickle wind.

The Seraph

Seraphs are dark-skinned and bright-eyed avengers of the Authority, the hierarchy of angels that governs Paradise. Born under an eclipse to human parents, Seraphs are spirited away by the Church and trained as philosopher-knights.

Limitation: Ruthlessness

Seraphs are sworn to take the fight to evil, and in doing so you can be self-righteous, vengeful and prepared to make any sacrifice to meet your ends. Some Seraphs are so corrupted they cease to serve Good. Some never served Good.


A Sword Unbroken

Your sword can slice through any substance as if it were air. It holds straight under any pressure, and if hammered into stone it remains there, quivering, until a Seraph draws it free. In combat, you can skewer a foe to the ground, a wall or a tree. As long as you do not leave the arena or make another Attack, the foe cannot move or Attack.

Where Angels Fear to Tread

By uttering a snarl or a word of power, you frighten others away or draw them towards you. This does not allow you to control them, but you can leave powerful impressions on their mind. In combat, you can spend an awesome point to stop someone from entering your arena or force them to enter your arena.

Whirling Dervish

When you successfully Show Off, you may immediately make a free Attack. If you miss, you lose all your awesome tokens.

Dust Storm

Where there is sand, dust or dirt you can call upon the spirits of the Lower Air to fight and feud. This clogs the air with grit, creating a new arena type: Clouded. Here, the advantage goes to those wielding melee weapons, whatever the size.

In and Out

Once a combat you may act at the beginning and end of a turn.

On the Head of a Pin

You are familiar with the Church’s vast library of alchemical and theological texts. You recognise magic and foreign technology and can interpret alchemical instructions. By spending a few hours in research and with the right reagents at your disposal you can create an alchemical device. When you do so, name a condition. When that condition is met, it grants you a pre-determined free action.