Sacred Steel

An RPG once lost, but capable of preservation thanks to its open licence.

GNU Free Documentation License

The Products

I'm missing the high-resolution print book, which couldn't be downloaded from the website. If anyone has a copy of this, please email Chris Sakkas

Free With a Capital F

From the Sacred Steel website

Okay, okay, I keep using the word Free. And you may have noticed that I like to capitalise it. That's because Sacred Steel isn't just free-of-charge, like a free leaflet. It's Free as in, you can do whatever the heck you like with it. Download it, sure. Also send your friends copies. Mirror it on your own website. Maybe you like the game but think we're developing it all wrong - then just start your own project making a different version, and base it on whatever we've done here so far. That's proper free.

We're not going to give you the main book for free and then start gouging for the extras. If/when we make supplements, they'll be free too. We do run a Cafepress store, and you can get yourself some swanky kit with our rather dashing logo on it, and when we have our 1.0 release, you'll be able to buy bound copies of the book there too. So what's our business model then? Easy: we don't have one. We have day jobs. This is just something we're doing for shits & giggles.

All of this is why Sacred Steel will be so, so much better if people chip in. If you've GMed a roleplaying game before, you'll know that you always end up making things for your group. Even if it's a scenario written on a cigarette packet liner, or some daft wee maps you made for your players, bring them back here - share the wealth. As we assemble things, we can start making new books and new material that add up to far more than we could ever do without the help of the Internet (that's you). If you're interested, the licence we use is the GNU Free Documentation Licence.