By Ryan St, Rob Harper and Charles Ferguson.

Said by a captain at the mouth of the Halcyon Sea:

Keep her hard to port, as you love your life lad. Don't you hear the raging in the wind, that voice. This is no natural storm - that's a dead God's voice you hear on the wind. Rogun's ghost, howling its rage against Abross and the Uunri. Our compass is even more useless than usual - something wicked in these ragestorms sends the compass spinning. I've seen one tear rings off the hull - that time we had an Uunri aboard.

This is our hour lad, the hour of stout sailor's heart and good ship. As nimble as they are on deck, be glad we've no Uunri on the crew for once and don't envy them, for it's them most of all these storms hunger after. Its only testing and tasting us while it searches for an Uunri ship to drag down to the deep and wreck.

From those wrecks Rogun builds his ghost fleet that you can see in the moonlight near ruined Uun. That was his city, destroyed when those thrice-proud Uunri refused to pay the tithe to Abross. Rogun would have paid - but his people defied him. That's what makes the Uunri so damn proud - they wouldn't be given to Abross. The city and god both died for it and the Uunri don't worship him no more.

Rogun's ghost haunt's the ruins of Uun and is the chief reason the Uunri avoid them, for the Tidelord's rage against the disobedient Uunri is something awful.

That was why I gave that lucky knife of drake bone to (name) at the floating market. Brave fellow, saved my life once when some press-men took it bad I wouldn't let them have any of my lads. He and two other Uunri showed them what for standing beside me. He's to Uun, Pearl of Halcyon Sea, he is, won't say why, but I hear an Uunri Sea-Caller's seen something moving and wants living eyes to see the truth of it.