Otherkind Dice

A game system based on the mechanic of rolling dice and assigning them to dangers and goals.

License Details

Licence: All Rights Reserved.

The System

Vincent Baker outlines the basics of the Otherkind Dice system on his blog in this post.

Open Games

  • FISCYou are all members of the FISC, the financial investigation agency, the only hope of the Republic against the all-powerful multinational companies.
  • You Are BadassA short and sweet game where you play a badass in the near future.

Closed Games

  • FUBARYou've been screwed … and at least one person wants you dead.
  • Ghost/EchoA clever oracle game that uses Otherkind dice.
  • OtherkindA game about the encroachment of ravenous humankind onto the natural world.