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When you choose to devote yourself to a deity, you place the deity’s teachings above your own moral choices and ethical codes. Choose one of the alignments given below instead of those shown under your class.


Iskander died when he was 28 years old, but by that time he had conquered more territory than any other leader in history. So speak the followers of Iskander, the Battle Lion. Whether the story be true or not, the legend of Iskander leadership and fairness is ingrained into the hearts and minds of all those that live within the shattered empire that still bears his name.

The cavaliers, clerics and paladins of Iskander know that the Great General still leads the people of Iskander though his lessons are subtle and sometime misinterpreted. Though the number of followers of Iskander is small compared to many of the other faiths of Gow, its followers are more devout in their adherence to his teachings for it was long ago that he was taken from this world into the heavens. There are no statues of Iskander, instead he is represented by a golden lion rearing up to strike or standing proud with an air or nobility.

Lawful Good

Mark XP when you enforce the rule of law equally.

Neutral Good

Mark XP when you prevail despite enormous disadvantage.


Iskander (Organisation)

Medium size, 1-faith, 3-works.1

Surplus: Weapons & Armour.
Petition: Service.