By Rob Harper and Ryan St.

The Odhun are believed descended from a military outpost of the ancient empire of On, one which survived Fate's Judgement of Stars upon On.

They have a caste system of warriors and thralls. Only warriors are seen as "true people" and all others are thralls, property of warriors. The standing of all non-warriors, including in the wheel of rebirth, depends on the standing of the warrior to which they are thrall.

Contrary to the name given them in the south, warriors may be male or female. Warrior standing is not hereditary, every child coming of age undergoes the tests to determine if they are a true warrior, what the poets of the south call Fated. They go on a vision quest and speak of what they have seen and experienced to the shaman upon their return. Things that caught their eye from a stone to an eagle feather may be made into a medicine bundle for them to carry and protect their spirit against dark magics.

Vision quests often lead Odhun to travel far from home, seeking the meaning of something they have seen. Odhun respect the Inheritors of On and often travel south to take service with them.

Among thralls, some are permitted to bear arms, "Shield Thralls" they are called as it is their duty to stand by and protect a warrior. A warrior typically has two shield thralls who also tend camp and act as squires.

Odhun exist under a special Fate, or curse, that they are incapable of breaking freely made promises ~ which they are also thus loath to give. They are well aware other peoples labour under no such restriction and take it as a foregone conclusion other races are untrustworthy. They respect military prowess and valour and honour the Inheritors of On, also often travelling south to take service with them. Still, an Odhun never completely trusts anyone also not Odhun. For anyone, even an Odhun, to demand a promise of an Odhun without very good cause is a great insult.

Between an Odhun thrall they had never met and a Prime Savant of the Inheritors they had walked beside for 8 moons, an Odhun warrior would invariably trust the word of the thrall.