No-Luck Nine

By Ryan St.

The No-Luck Nine were a group of terrifying Akavar mercenaries, so named because each was the sole survivor of their childhood Akavan.

  • Mursheni, leader, called the most violent man alive
  • Marrai the Tongue, brother of Mursheni
  • Orohss the Giant
  • Chenos the Net
  • Kerresh the Boot
  • Jouren the Rat
  • Saivak the Hangman
  • Lorr the Belt
  • Kavi the Kisser

After the Decimation of Tohan they returned to the Akavar region and have not assembled since.

The No-Luck Nine have many enemies, but none are more fearsome than the Kardi Emperors. The two have clashed many times. The worst of these when the Kardi Emperors, hired by the same army that had hired the No-Luck Nine, attempted to slay Saivak and Jouren as they recovered after a battle.

They, and their sons, are haunted by Shillcraw, a demon born in the pointless slaughter in the Decimation of Tohan.