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By Chris Sakkas

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The Moon is my third attempt at creating interesting warrior classes for Redbox Hack. She’s a serene martial artist who descended from the heavens to search for her missing husband, the Sun.

The Moon

Continuing the Redbox tradition of naming classes after the things they vaguely resemble, Moons are white-skinned, rabbit-eared bounders. Masters of unarmed combat and the empty body, Moons are immortal but cannot bear children while their husbands the Suns are lost from the world.

Limitation: Lament

Moons are haunted by the slow death of their people. When faced by suffering or entropy, they must do whatever they can to alleviate it – whether it afflicts a dear friend or a hated enemy.


Gesture Without Motion

Should an enemy attempt to Show Off and fail, you may Show Off as a free action. If an enemy tries to Push you and fails, you may Push him or her as a free action. Should an enemy try to Assist an ally and fail, you may Attack him or her as a free action.

Written in the Heavens

By stargazing, you can determine what the future will hold for anyone but yourself or another Moon. The prophesy is general and limited, but accurate.

One Small Step

A Moon can fall into the earth, leaving her robe behind. She appears anywhere she chooses, provided the Moon is visible from where she left and where she arrives. She can only step back to where her robe is, and should someone take possession of it while she is gone she falls under their power.

Candle Touch

A Moon can strike the air and extinguish a candle on the other side of the room. This feat is less impressive beside a magus who extinguishes candles by accident. Moons can make melee attacks against creatures in a different arena to the one they are in, though they gain no arena type bonus on their attack.

On the Treetop

During the night, Moons can gaze down upon the land as if they looked upon it from a vantage point. Their night vision is keen while they remain in this trance, and they can see anywhere that moonlight touches.


You can cause an area near you to shift and change until its terrain matches a place you are familiar with on the moon. In combat, this allows you to change the type of an arena.