By Ryan St and Stephanie Lauren

Meccon is the most benevolent of the God-Kings - at least, to his own subjects. He is also the most involved with his subjects - while other rulers are far more removed from the business of governance, Meccon drafts laws, trains with his soldiers, and is engages in the only true city planning that goes on in the city-states. His citizens refer to him as a god who never sleeps. Meccon appears as a giant, with a long face and large, piercing eyes. His skin is deeply tanned, but clearly different from either a sunburned Houn or a Dac - it clearly denotes that Meccon is of a race that has not survived to this day. His hair and beard is thick and coarse, and he wears it cropped evenly about one inch long (chinstrap style beard, no moustache). His eyes are startlingly blue (royal blue marker kind of blue). While he does not possess Cheneth's raw cunning, Meccon's ability to balance his intuition against his aptitude for painstaking analytical reasoning has served him well as ruler of Emjou.

Most importantly, Meccon truly seems to act for the benefit of his people, in service to some vision for them that is inaccessible to others. He appears to be a deeply inspired man, set about a task that still may take millenia.

Even more than Iohai and Jorech, he seems committed to old ideals, such as keeping his word, and putting himself in harms way in the defense of his people. He seeks order obsessively, but not compulsively. In this way Meccon can be considered especially steadfast, even predictable. Despite all that, despite his best intentions and desire to build the ideal city-state, he is restricted by what he is: A Spirit Eater, who feasts, and has feasted, on the spirits of his citizens for millenia.

Meccon was one of Kontokko's disciples from the middle period, once the cult was established but before any of the spirit-eaters were loosed on their homelands. Although Meccon was respected and liked by many (especially his adopted "brother", Cheneth), his aptitudes were not in sync with the skills of a spirit-eater. Meccon thus survived Kontokko's cult with the most of his original interests and personality intact - he is a lover of building, planning, and logic. Still, Meccon took to the martial aspects of a God-King better than any of Kontokko's other students, and has only been bested by Abross himself. Tales of Meccon taking to the field are not exaggerated - in this, he is seen to be a fool by other God-Kings, but none have ever successfully taken advantage of this audacity.

Meccon displays a profound detachment from the world around him, always appearing above and beyond a discussion, rather than distracted or deaf to it. He is a man who has adapted, better than any of his peers, to the immortality of a spirit-eater, and is capable of looking at a conflict in the context of a century rather than in its immediate, passing ramifications. Still, Meccon is swift to remove chaotic elements from Emjou and its surround - but while Cheneth displays a clear dislike for these elements, Meccon approaches them with the same detachment he would approach a treatise on logic. He does take some pleasure in martial combat, but this is again the pleasure of a master honing and maintaining his skills (not of a vainglorious warrior).

Meccon's tastes are very spartan. He dislikes clutter, excessive spices, and gaudiness. Meccon enjoys hearty food, and lacks most other God-Kings' drive towards the exotic and lavish. He has rarely had more than one concubine, called a Consort, at a time, and frequently has no concubines at all (this is currently the case). His dress is simple and without adornment, except for a band of intricately carved gold which he wears around his head. Meccon often eats alone, or while engaged in other work.