By Ian Toltz, Ryan St and Stephanie Lauren.

Matikoi is a numerically-obsessed religion. Its adherents are known as great logicians and advisers, as they spend much of their time in introspection and working out proofs of various mathematical theories and constructing persuasive arguments based on the proofs.

The Matiks, as they are known, worship irrational numbers as gods, believing that the fact that such a number can not be written down explicitly is proof that they are divine entities unable to fit in the mortal realm. Their primary god, Apeiron, is the number pi, the ratio between a circle’s circumfrence and its diameter. They also worship the square roots of prime numbers and other irrationals.

Some of their most popular gods include:

Apeiron (pi), the Overgod, the Champion of Logic. All Matiks worship Apeiron, though some more so than others. In particular, Matik priests and scholars are most likely to be devoted primarily to Apeiron. Apeiron is ever present and represents the many cycles of life, such as the seasons and of life and death. Portfolio: death, knowledge, life, logic, mathematics, weather

Shivani (√2), the Nurturer, the Lover. Shivani is largely worshipped by those Matiks wishing to have children, by farmers, but most Matiks pay her at least some respect on a regular basis. Portfolio: earth, fertility, love

Theoris (√3), the Innocent, the Jubilant, the Trickster. Theoris is usually represented as a child, a care-free god capricious as the zephyrs which are his domain. Matiks devoted to Theoris are usually entertainers of some variety, and Matiks beseech Theoris for his favor at celebrations and holidays. Theoris is also known to play tricks which, while being innocent in intention, often turn out to have bad results for those involved. Portfolio: Alcohol, Celebration, Humor, pranks

Abdalla (√5), the Quester, the Seeker, the Traveler. Few worship Abdalla in general, and those that do include adventurers, missionaries and sailors. More often, those about to take a long journey, particularly at sea, or undertake some difficult or dangerous task seek Abdalla’s guidance. Portfolio: luck, travel, water

Serapsis (√7), the Ender, the Destroyer, the Judge. Serapsis is as close to a “devil” figure as the Matiks get; he is not truly feared in the traditional sense, but is seen as a stern, harsh and impartial judge. Portfolio: harvest, fire, law, punishment

This is but a small sampling of their gods. There are quite literally an infinite number of them, and the Matiks are always seeking out new ones. Discovery of a new irrational number is a cause of joy and celebration among the religion - however, irrational numbers that are compounds of other known irrational or irrational and rational numbers are not given this status.

While some of the Matikoi live well beyond the Halcyon, within the region most of the faith exists in the sandy towns of the eastern shore. There, Apeiron is identified with Abross, Shivani with Upatthia, Theoris with Cheneth, Abdalla with Mazirtus, and so on. Despite his lack of place in this mirror pantheon, Meccon of tolerates some Matikoi worshippers in the villages beyond Emjou, though never within the city itself. While the Matikoi flourished briefly in Gomoi, they recently met a tragic ends at the hands of that god's paranoia.