Ludwig's Unreliable Compendium

What follows is a book of myth, speculation, rumour and outright deceit. Compiled by a sage of minor ability and considerable arrogance, it is spotty and disreputable. Only the breadth of Ludwig’s sources makes it notable, and one suspects most of his correspondence was with maimed veterans in taverns and fishwives who have never stepped foot beyond the village commons.

Nevertheless, it is a hefty tome of considerable interest, and I hope you find something of value within.
- Alder Hotchins, Chief Sage of the Lanternbearers.

By Chris Sakkas.

Ludwig’s unpublished notes, compiled here, did not come with any sort of descriptive notes or an introduction. The reader will have to discern his intentions from the pages that follow.
- AH.

Ludwig's Unreliable Compendium is a collection of unreliable and downright contradictory information about a number of monsters both familiar and strange. What sets this book apart from all other manuals of monsters is that none of the monsters have statistics.
Instead, the Game Master creates his or her own based on:

  • the level and interests of the group,
  • information the characters have already learned and
  • the parts of the monsters that catch the GM’s interest.

This means no matter how many times a player reads this book, he or she will never know what to expect. The GM can adapt the monster for the tone and circumstances of his or her campaign, and even change the monster based on interesting assumptions made by the characters.1


There are three ways to handle knowledge checks.

  • Give more information. It may not be correct, but the heroes will have more to work with.
  • Give better information. Since you know what the monster can and can’t do, you can dispense more accurate information.
  • Let the player decide. On a successful check, let the player say what the character learns. Change the statblock to match what the player says. In this way, the players are actively invested in the campaign and helping you worldbuild.


Missing Entries

  • Gaunts
  • The Abandoned
  • Abhorrents
  • Adamants
  • Blazes
  • Chubbies
  • Gaudies
  • Guilts
  • Verdants
  • Yellows
  • Utterers
  • Torpids
  • Shrills