By Chris Sakkas.
Adapted from Redbox Hack by Eric Provost.

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Three Things

Longrunners are

  • part of a brotherhood that spans the continent.
  • trained to be unthinkingly obedient.
  • capable of subtle but potent magic.

The Longrunners

Hadachi the Longrunner visited the mountain fortress of Katen. Katen's lord was the Butcher of Turai and his wife was the most beautiful woman in the land. By the next morning, the Butcher was dead, his wife was pregnant and the mail was delivered.

Longrunners are messengers, spies, assassins and warriors. So-named for their ability to run for hours at a stretch, they are adept at gathering information from those they meet, things they observe and mail they steam open. Rare is a longrunner who does not have friends and lovers throughout the nation.

Becoming a Longrunner

Longrunners are usually chosen in youth, when a travelling longrunner notices a cunning or quickness in the child. Sometimes they are stolen away in the night, other times their parents surrender them willingly. The life of a longrunner is often short, but it is rich and exciting.

Longrunner Arts

  • Bird Feet: Water, leaves, crumbling rooftops, falling snowflakes. Any surface will support a longrunner as long as he is running. If he stops running, he falls.
  • Chalk Door: A longrunner can use a stick of chalk or paint and brush to draw a door upon any wall. The door opens for all longrunners.
  • Guild Contacts: In every town and village, there is a longrunner happy to share information and gossip and to help a brother in need.
  • Perfect Disguise: Longrunners can disguise themselves as anyone or anything. When a longrunner has time to disguise himself, the disguise is perfect.
  • Two Things at Once: When a longrunner finds his rhythm, he can sleep while running. Tasks like eating, fighting or composing poetry while running are child's play.