Libre Games by Publisher

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  • All The King's MenBack from the Crusades, you must kill the bandit lord Robin Hood.
  • Spade vs. IndyTwo characters are forced to cooperate until they turn on one another.
  • Ghost RunnerAs a Ghost Runner, you the players must track down rogue Ghosts, pulled from the afterlife and embedded into cybernetic SHELS which are used to hold these spirits to the world.
  • DjinnbustersHunt ghosts in a land of sultans and deserts.
  • The G.A.M.E SystemThe Generic Action Mediation System is designed to give players flexibility in the powers they design.
  • GeasaA story telling game about fickle fairies.
  • Metropole Luxury CoffinThe Metropole Luxury Coffin is home to the dregs of society. You’re not like them, though. You’re going to get out of here someday.
  • Witless MinionThe role-playing game of mooks, minions, and dupes.
  • Last Res0rtFar into the future, humanity has managed to survive an alien invasion… thanks to the hordes of the undead!
  • Truth, IncWelcome to Truth, Inc. – a game of drama.
  • FUBARYou've been screwed … and at least one person wants you dead.
  • Hell For LeatherOn the world's bloodiest gameshow, you must kill to survive.
  • TelgrathiaA fantasy game based on Blackjack.
  • SuperligaA d20-based game dedicated to gonzo gaming.
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Amagi Games

  • Ruritania 1844A live-action role-playing game set in an alternate pseudo-history.
  • HoardPlay a growing dragon.
  • The Far TowersPlay travelling enforcers and heroes putting wrongs to right.

Bully Pulpit Games

  • Pirate SquadA Dungeon Squad hack for piratical adventures.
  • Post Apoc-BirdA Lady Blackbird hack set in a distant, post-apocalyptic future.
  • The PlantA solo RPG where you play someone crawling around the innards of a power plant.
  • GhostsYour fantasy city is under siege. Play both the living and the dead.
  • DulseA game about relationships, ideals, and the choices we make to preserve or destroy them.
  • Drowning and FallingThe Fantasy Role-Playing Game of Adventure and Death from Drowning and Falling

Chris Gonnerman

  • Star QuestA science fiction game and a setting with no strict cannon.

Chris Sakkas

  • Hearth & HuntA coming-of-age ritual on the edge of the world.
  • Man and UbermenschA fascist superhero replaces the US President during World War II.
  • Monsters (Dungeon World)Based heavily on monsters written or converted by Mark Gedak for the August DM Sketchpad.
  • The Fading of the LandA solo game where you fight monsters and hope to win the fairest maiden of your tribe.
  • You Are BadassA short and sweet game where you play a badass in the near future.
  • A Strange CharmAn RPG based on time travellers eternally reborn as they trawl the stars and lost years.
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Domino Writing

Free Wargames Rules

Goblinoid Games

  • GOREA d%-based horror RPG.

GrassRoots Gamer

Greg Stolze

  • ARDWINA REIGN setting that explores race, genetics and cultural identity.
  • REIGNA fantasy role-playing game of individuals and factions powered by ORE.
  • ... in Spaaace!Zany space adventures powered by the Token Effort system.
  • Meatbot MassacreA fun and engaging game of gladiatorial battles in the far future, where the dice you gather determines your actions for that round. design studio

  • The MustangA short game about three youths who confront a demon horse.
  • Ghost/EchoA clever oracle game that uses Otherkind dice.
  • Lady BlackbirdA game, a setting and a starting adventure all in one, Lady Blackbird is a collage of recent innovations in gaming.

The Vintyri Project

Valent Games

  • Star EmpireArcade gamers are recruited for a stellar war.
  • Forty ThievesA minimalist beer-and-pretzels game about life as an Arabian thief.
  • MetafictionA short RPG about those who can travel through fiction.
  • The Princess GameThis is a game about a little girl. The only little girl in the whole wide world. The only person there is, really.
  • The Undying LandsPeople from the real world are catapulted into a land of fairy tales.
  • ValenceRebuild the fallen Human Empire.
  • ConsoleAn RPG for emulating console video games.

Wizards of the Coast

  • d20 ModernModern role-playing, from occult investigation to special ops and anything in between.