By Ryan St.

Spoken by a Legate of the Cult of the King-God:

Brothers, Sisters, we stand on the brink of a great moment for this city, and our order.

Many have wondered aloud, why has Thenaus been absent for so long from the Opalescent Hall? Many of the lesser Gods have sometimes shirked their responsibilities.

But an absence of ten years from his own throne? While his city teems with sinners and blasphemers? While strangers from Zeium Dalat rob its people in the markets? While the city calls out to be cleansed? While his city nearly destroys itself?

The truth is far worse. The absence of this city's god has not been a thing of ten years, but ten decades. His appearances were concocted by his clergy, who attempted to maintain the illusion of his presence. When we came to the city ten years ago, they knew they could no longer maintain the charade, for the Cult watches the lesser Gods closely, and we would see through such trickery.

Your shock is as great as mine when I learned this, but do not hate Thenaus' clergy for their falsehoods. They were weak, and afraid. When Panatus passed on, my good friend Uris has become the High Mystic of Thenaus, and it was he who came to me - he who broke the silence of a hundred years. For Uris sees, just as we do, a need for change. The city yearns for it, though perhaps it does not know to ask.

Our forces within the city are strong. We can act. Knowing Thenaus is gone, no longer can the Isran Doctors hold us in check. The rituals and strange art shall no longer ensnare the honest man, and barbarians will no longer be tolerated in our midst.

The fountains of this city will remain, for they symbolize its cleansing. We, the Cult, must aid Uris - we must help him cleanse the Mystics, and then together, the Cult and the Mystics can cleanse Isra. For a week, perhaps, the fountains shall run red. After this horror, which is our solemn duty, Isra will become a city cleansed, finally deserving of being called the Shining City. Cleansed of the Names, cleansed of the Doctors, cleansed of Zeiumri and cleansed of lies.

All among our company have sworn to serve the King-God - now we will serve him by ruling others, just as it is in Novoss Iksi. For our sacrifice, the King-God will surely reward us, bringing us to his City of Plenty in this life or the next.