Ichochti's Kingdom

A Khel kingdom ruled by a tyrannical giant.

By Chris Sakkas.

The giant Ichochti rules as thane over this small kingdom nestled in the cold valleys of Mount Khelil.

Region: Khelil Kingdoms.


What Does it Have: Iron, weapons and armor, timber.
What Does it Need: Cereals, luxury goods, perfumes.
Politics: Ichochti (the king) and his family members and worshippers.
Neighbours: Neighbouring states are hostile to Ichochti who has no plans to invade them but gives his Carls free license in raiding across the border.
People: Twenty-thousand scattered villagers, mining communities and lumber communities, with the largest town – Ichochtal – serving as the seat of the king’s government.
Religion: Although the worship of Ichochti is the only formal religion, the Carls ignore private veneration of the Church of the Iron Cross.
History: The last – normal-sized – king was murdered by the Captain of the King’s Housecarls, Ichochti, who seized his place and cemented his own rule of the kingdom.
Language: Khel.


Ichochti’s Carls: A band of ferocious raiders – and the standing army of the thane – that loot what they desire from the long-suffering peasantry, hunt the land and raid the kingdom’s neighbours.
Jakobovic’s Giantslayers: A hero-worshipping group of outlaws who have sworn to defy Ichochti’s iron-fisted rule. They are popular with the peasantry, except when their defiance brings deprivations and punishment onto their supporters.
Order of the Cave Bear: This loose-knit league of mystics, “Old Blood” settlers (those that trace their ancestry back to the native people of the land) and outdoorsmen are sworn to protect a fellow Cave Bear in need, though they resist revolutionaries and Ichochti alike.
Those-Garbed-With-Mink: Ichochti’s bureaucrats, nobles, wives and children are permitted to wear mink, marking them as his cultists and heirs. This organisation is prone to infighting and scheming, based partly on its members’ mutual fear of the wrath of Ichochti.


Double-Crossings: One-Garbed-With-Mink is afraid her son’s ambitions include killing his father – Ichochti. She hopes to convince the Giantslayers to kill the boy so none will realize she has raised a traitor. However, a rival Garbed-With-Mink has knowledge of her association with the Giantslayers and – believing she is treasonous – intends to turn her over to the Carls.