How To Add To And Edit The Wiki

Adding a Game

  • Create a new page.
  • Make sure the first paragraph is in italics and is a short description of the game.
  • Make sure the parent of the page is 'List of Libre Games'.


Games that are untagged won't be included in the lists of games. Click the Tags button at the bottom of the screen. Games should have tags for:

  • Game: The 'game' tag.
  • Licence: Creative Commons tags: 'by', 'by-nc', 'by-sa' or 'by-nc-sa'. OGL tag: 'ogl'. Public domain tag: 'public-domain'. GNU tags: 'fdl' or 'gpl'.
  • Publisher: The name of the publisher, or 'no-pub' if the publisher doesn't have a separate page on the wiki.
  • Details: If a game doesn't have all the details filled out, add the 'no-details' tag.
  • Category: If a game falls into one of the defined categories, add the appropriate tag.

Need Help?

Email Chris Sakkas.