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By Chris Sakkas

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The Grim is my second attempt at creating interesting warrior classes for Redbox Hack. He’s a stern and battered mercenary who has seen too many battles and ambushes to hold much hope for mankind.

The Grim

You are either still serving or recently retired from the mercenary company the Grim Patrol. During your time with them you have looted haunted temples, slaughtered knights and orcs, seduced barmaids and learned the world is a grimy and unpleasant place.

Limitation: Embittered

You are a simple soul who wants to settle down in the countryside with a homely, loving wife. You prefer simple plans to complicated ones and pragmatism to enthusiasm and are reluctant to get caught up in grand projects or righteous quests.


Rain of Blows

Once in a combat, you can make an attack against every creature in one arena.

Battle Stories

You can regal your traveling companions with stories of past victories and defeats. This allows you to Show Off out of combat, keeping the awesome points until you next enter combat. Whether you Showing Off was successful or unsuccessful, you cannot use Battle Stories again until after the next combat.


When you face and triumph over a danger, you may keep a trophy to remind you of it. You may carry up to three trophies. When you choose, you may discard the trophy to get a +2 bonus to your next roll.

The Smell of Magic

Though never formally educated, you have over the years become accustomed to sorcery and strange sights. You have experience with magical beasts, eldritch phenomenon and magic items – experience which tells you to avoid these things like the plague. When magic is being done, you can smell and taste it on the air.

Lusty Lover

If you are a man, women are drawn to your lattice of scars, broken nose and eyepatch. If a woman, men are equally engrossed by your peg-leg, scarred lip and missing ear. Members of the opposite sex will be happy to ignore the incriminating blood on your hands, let you into their winecellar or serve as your henchman when you next dungeoncrawl.


If you were an officer in the Grim Patrol, you are well acquainted with warcraft. If you were a soldier, you know the best tactic is to do whatever your officer wouldn't have done. You can Show Off by giving orders. The awesome points you get can be spent to swap the positions of two characters (allies or enemies) in adjacent arenas, to allow one ally late in the initiative order to act at the same time as another ally or to allow an ally to reroll his or her latest roll.