Great Power


♣A: A cyborg who uses her vast intellect to use her weapons array for peaceful purposes only.
♣2: An Egyptian orphan with command over the Sun, convinced he deserves the title of Pharaoh.
♣3: A mud-caked hero who lay somnolent in the Fertile Crescent until she was roused by American bombs.
♣4: A changeling teenager, unhappy with who he is and delighted by the prospect of changing his identity.
♣5: A scientist vigilante, calling himself Archaeopteryx, fighting the forces of Unreason.
♣6: Four heroes calling themselves the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse.
♣7: A member of a race now long-dead, stylising himself after a god he only half-remembers.
♣8: A robot, painfully aware of her lack of a moral centre.
♣9: A Russian chess master, lacking in power himself but able to conjure playing pieces to do battle.
♣10: An ancient order of knights, resurrected to do battle with mutants good and evil alike.
♣J: A Gnostic adept, tamer of demons and master of angels, challenging the Heavens.
♣Q: A scarred and tormented youth, under the sway of villains but not yet convinced.
♣K: A common thief who can call up fireworks and other pyrotechnics, hunted by police officers with not a spark to conjure.


♦A: A man who can absorb the powers of others, haunted by his own strength.
♦2: A migrant worker, cast out of her own society but able to protect them as a masked avenger.
♦3: A magician, desperate to escape his contract with a devil.
♦4: A great ape, wise beyond her species and struggling to understand a people she knows little about.
♦5: A child, defended by a strange and threatening manifestation of his psyche.
♦6: Two twins, inseparable when young but now forced apart by incompatible super powers.
♦7: A religious vigilante, basing her killings on the seven deadly sins.
♦8: An archer, blind but still an accomplished sharpshooter.
♦9: An angry and frustrated rebel with ambitious plans to destroy the state but more hindered than helped by his power.
♦10: A Buddhist lady, serene and quiet, who becomes monstrous in form when moved to emotion.
♦J: A cold-eyed politician who loathes his own metahuman nature.
♦Q: A prophet who can only read the past, and not the future.
♦K: A soldier, desperate to return to his family after the last war but instead press ganged into an army project to create the perfect armoured human.


♠A: A speedster who is a womaniser, a coward and a braggart.
♠2: A mousy woman who wants nothing more than a quiet life and a rich husband, constantly called upon to solve the neighbourhood’s problems.
♠3: Two heroes whose rivalry is based on the fact that they chose problematic names.
♠4: An alien priestess from a world where women are in charge – and it actually works pretty well.
♠5: A scarecrow, pursuing the man who made it with a grovelling but frightening loyalty.
♠6: The worshippers of a lady in astonishing armour, following her as an angel from God Himself.
♠7: The drunken misfits from a white supremacist organisation, stumbling across the mythical Aryan isle of Thule.
♠8: An agent of the Evil Empire, turned to a more benign purpose by forces beyond his control.
♠9: A young girl, delighted by the vampiric powers that manifest after twilight.
♠10: The fanatically loyal orphans taken in by a briar witch.
♠J: A lanky and dull-skinned man whose careful scrutiny of the city gives him an astonishing knowledge of criminals and their haunts.
♠Q: A young girl whose whistle charms children and calls rats.
♠K: First Folio, an alien observer to human culture, whose study of our species was based on the Complete Works of William Shakespeare.


♥A: A Japanese businesswoman, distressed and dissolute following the stock market crash, turning to the ancient arts of the samurai to give her life meaning.
♥2: A hardened Afrikaner hunter with an axe to grind and tamed beasts from the deepest depths of Africa.
♥3: A cyclops, still desperately hunting for the wily hero who blinded him so long ago.
♥4: A morose and morbid woman, idle criminal and with a bizarre fixation on his neighbour and his fantastical technological suit.
♥5: A gentleman unarmed martial artist with nothing but disdain for “Oriental” techniques.
♥6: A humble philosopher and her miraculous concoction.
♥7: Two demons, stuck in the consciousness of the same brat and warring over his mind.
♥8: A healer using her arts for evil.
♥9: Cotton-Eyed Joe, a slave brought back from the dead by voodoon magic to defend the descendents of his slave masters.
♥10: A woman, turned serpentine and aquatic by experiments performed on her body.
♥J: A group of sub-par heroes, naming themselves after amphibians after a more accomplished group claimed the snakes.
♥Q: A white man, inducted into the hunting lodge of an American Indian tribe by its last surviving member.
♥K: A plump and unattractive woman branding herself the Amazon to much disdain.