G/E Generator

Chris Sakkas' generator for Ghost/Echo characters, places and items.

When reading the blog for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple I came across Daniel Solis' idea for a Pilgrim Generator. It's an idea that really interested me, I guess because it - like Oracles in IAWA - provides enough details to prod the story along without dictating things to the players.

So when I discovered Ghost/Echo a couple of days ago, I had the idea to write up a generator like Daniel's for that game. You can view the work in progress on Flickr. I tried to follow the format of Daniel's generator and John's product.

I'm interested in your feedback about my generator, but more broadly about whether generators in general are a good idea for games. I think in one-off games they could be a nice compromise between time-consuming character generation and potentially restrictive pre-gens.