First Gods

By Ryan St

Spoken by a Zoma

When all was sky, the First Gods did not think of themselves as First - they were like young men who think they would be young forever. They called themselves the Skyborn, for they were made by the Creator molding the sky into their forms. At the dawn of time, the Skyborn numbered 22 - 12 were killed by the Destroyer and the remaining 10 ruled the cosmos.

Mankind sprang from the blood of the dead gods. The first Zoma are the children of gods and men, though mainly gods.

The gods that lived were Uramu, King of Gods, God of Kings long before little Abross took up the name. Kemaati was also among them, the Sun God who died before the World Cancer threatened. There was also Gulguud and Aba'inda; I cannot recall when they died, or how. Youngest was Namti, who was called the Friendly God, because he loved you mortals so. We are forbidden to speak of the manner of Namti's death, especially to mortals such as yourselves.