Fate (City-States)

By Rob Harper.

Fate has no face though tale tellers name speak of Fate as a woman, veiled with a face so terribly beautiful the gods would fear to look upon it.

Fate decrees the beginning and end of all things, it calls for the promise-breaker to feel the weight of that breaking, it tells a man at once to be what he was born to be and not contend with destiny and at the same time whispers that destiny is what your character makes it.

We have no Fate but the Fate we are given, and our destiny is the combination of our Fate and our choices in how we meet it.

The scholar says Fate is the metaphysical order of the universe. That as there is a law of gravity one ignores at one's peril, so there are other laws less rigid but no less real, and they predict the course of one's life as does gravity that of a falling stone. Seers of the future see how the tides and rivers of forces, governed by such laws, will likely take a life.

The poet says Fate is the universe's sense of drama. The universe loves a good story. Most who are born are dross who live and die without fire and spark, but bring that fire into your life and the universe will attend you, it will make of your life a story to be told, whether you will it or not. If you have this spark you are Fated and your deeds will matter, your life be attended by chance, and poets know your name.

The Living Gods say Fate is an illusion, that there is no greater power than they. And yet, even they are careful with their promises and do not lightly come between true loves.

Above all, it is said that those who cannot let understanding stop at the limits of understanding shall see the face of Fate, shall know all and shall be destroyed.