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Open Mind (Open)

You develop new skills.
Benefit: You immediately gain an extra 5 skill points. You spend these skill points as normal. If you spend them on a cross-class skills they count as 1/2 ranks. You cannot exceed the normal maximum ranks for your level in any skill. If you gain this feat when you are not gaining a level (i.e. after level 6), treat any skill that was a class skill for any of your classes as a class skill.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time, you immediately gain another 5 skill points.

Quick Templates

These templates up the CR of existing creatures quickly and easily by adding blocks of 5 feats. These essentially add +1 CR to the monsters.


Ability Training (Strength), Ability Advancement (Strength), Weapon Focus (Bite), Power Attack, Improved Natural Attack (bite)


Ability Training (Strength), Ability Advancement (Strength), Power Attack, Improved Bullrush, Improved Sunder


Improved Natural Armor x3, Toughness x2


Ability Training (Dexterity), Ability Advancement (Dexterity), Combat Reflexes, Dash, Improved Initiative


Ability Training (Constitution), Ability Advancement (Constitution), Improved Toughness, Endurance, Diehard


the CR 11 Stone Golem that guards the entrance to an ancient kingdom…
the CR 8 Warforged Titan whose creation ended a border dispute between two nations…
the CR 9 Aspect of Orcus isn't an Aspect, it's the Orcus…
the CR 8 Efreeti you hope stays in its lamp - because if it broke free, it could raze cities…
the CR 7 Yuan-ti Abomination which heads the empire-spanning Slithering Cult…
the CR 7 Bulette that destroys every caravan to venture through the Wastes…
the CR 13 Huge Red Dragon that is the first dragon, the dragon from which all others sprung…
the CR 8 Treant which is the heart of the deepest forest in the land…

Wondrous Items

Here is a list of all wondrous items that require only spells 3rd lvl or lower to create,

Minor Items

Elixir of love 150 gp
Unguent of timelessness 150 gp
Dust of tracelessness 250 gp
Elixir of hiding 250 gp
Elixir of sneaking 250 gp
Elixir of swimming 250 gp
Silversheen 250 gp
Elixir of truth 500 gp
Bag of tricks, gray 900 gp
Hand of the mage 900 gp
Bracers of armor +1 1,000 gp
Cloak of resistance +1 1,000 gp
Pearl of power, 1st-level spell 1,000 gp
Phylactery of faithfulness 1,000 gp
Salve of slipperiness 1,000 gp
Elixir of fire breath 1,100 gp
Pipes of the sewers 1,150 gp
Dust of illusion 1,200 gp
Brooch of shielding 1,500 gp
Necklace of fireballs type I 1,650 gp
Dust of appearance 1,800 gp
Hat of disguise 1,800 gp
Pipes of sounding 1,800 gp
Amulet of natural armor +1 2,000 gp
Horn of fog 2,000 gp
Robe of bones 2,400 gp
Sovereign glue 2,400 gp
Boots of elvenkind 2,500 gp
Boots of the winterlands 2,500 gp
Candle of truth 2,500 gp
Cloak of elvenkind 2,500 gp
Scarab, golembane 2,500 gp
Necklace of fireballs type II 2,700 gp
Stone of alarm 2,700 gp
Bag of tricks, rust 3,000 gp
Chime of opening 3,000 gp
Horseshoes of speed 3,000 gp
Rope of climbing 3,000 gp
Dust of disappearance 3,500 gp
Lens of detection 3,500 gp 57
Bracers of armor +2 4,000 gp
Cloak of resistance +2 4,000 gp
Gloves of arrow snaring 4,000 gp Restorative ointment 4,000 gp 68
Pearl of power, 2nd-level spell 4,000 gp
Circlet of persuasion 4,500 gp 7
Slippers of spider climbing 4,800 gp
Bracers of archery, lesser 5,000 gp
Helm of comprehend languages and read magic 5,200 gp
Vest of escape 5,200 gp
Eversmoking bottle 5,400 gp
Sustaining spoon 5,400 gp
Boots of striding and springing 5,500 gp
Wind fan 5,500 gp
Amulet of mighty fists +1 6,000 gp
Horseshoes of a zephyr 6,000 gp
Pipes of haunting 6,000 gp
Gloves of swimming and climbing 6,250 gp
Circlet of blasting, minor 6,480 gp
Horn of goodness/evil 6,500 gp
Bottle of air 7,250 gp
Periapt of health

Medium Items

Bracers or armor +3
Amulet of NAC +2
Boots of haste
Cloak of Arcadia
Minor cloak of displacement