DS Equipment


Weapons Weapon bonus Notes Cost
Axe WB +1 6GP
Battle axe (2h) WB +3 Initiative -2 7GP
Bow, Short (2h) WB +1 Initiative +1 6GP
Bow, Long (2h) WB +2 Initiative +1 10GP
Club* WB +1 2SP
Crossbow, light (2h) WB +2 Initiative -2 8GP
Crossbow, heavy (2h) WB +3 Initiative -4, Enemy’s Defense -2 15GP
Dagger WB +0 Initiative +1 2GP
Hammer WB +1 Enemy’s Defense -1 7GP
Mace WB +1 Enemy’s Defense -1 7GP
Quarterstaff (2h)* WB +1 Targeted Spells +1 5SP
Sling WB +0 5SP
Spear* WB +1 Can be used for melee and ranged combat 1GP
Sword, Short WB +1 Values are also applicable to scimitars 6GP
Sword, Long WB +2 Values are also applicable to falchions 7GP
Sword, Broad WB +1 Enemy’s Defense -2 8GP
Throwing dagger WB +0 Can also be used for close combat 2GP
Two-handed sword (2h) WB +3 Initiative -2, Enemy’s Defense -4 10GP
*: breaks on a Melee/Ranged Attack critical failure; **: bowstring breaks on a Ranged Attack critical failure
Armor Armor value Notes Cost
Chainmail AV +2 Speed -0,5m 10GP
Leather bracers/greaves* AV +1 on arm & leg 4GP
Leather jerkin AV +1 4GP
Plate bracers AV +1 Speed -0,5m 7GP
Plate armor AV +3 Speed -1m 50GP
Plate greaves AV +1 Speed -0,5m 8GP
Plate helmet AV +1 Initiative -1 6GP
Robe AV+0 1GP
Robe (rune-embroidered) AV +0 Aura +1 8GP
Shield, Wooden** AV +1 1GP
Shield, Steel AV +1 Speed -0,5m 8GP
Shield, Tower AV +2 Speed -1m 15GP
* : this is a set of bracers and greaves; **: breaks on a Defense critical failure
On journeys Cost
Cart 30GP
Compass 15GP
Canoe (2 men) 20GP
Grappling hook 1GP
Tent (2 men) 5GP
Thick, warm travel blanket 5SP
Water skin (5 litres) 5SP
Writing utensils 2GP
At the merchant’s Cost
Blanket 1SP
Daily ration (3 meals) 1SP
Healing herbs (check value 10) 1GP
Pot/pan 5SP
Rope (10m) 5SP
Sack 8CP
Weapon paste (d20 Rd. WB+1) 5SP

|| Illumination || Cost ||

Bullglass-lantern 1GP
Candle 2CP
Flint & tinder 5CP
Lantern 5SP
Lantern oil (burns for 4h) 5CP
Torch (burns for 2h; like club) 1CP
In the tavern Cost
“Company” 5SP
Feast for one person 2SP
Mug of wine 2CP
Mug of beer 1CP
Regular meal 3CP
Room for a night 5CP
Stable space 1CP
In the temple Cost
Bandages (heal 1 HP)* 5SP
Greater Healing (spell) 100GP
Healing potion (heals d20 HP) 10GP
Healing spell (cost per 1 HP) 1SP
Holy water* (spell) 5SP
Pendant with holy symbol 1GP
Resurrection (spell) 500GP
*: Per day HP equal to BOD can be bandaged
: Donation necessary if PC is unknown/disliked
***: Damage for demons/undead (check value d20)
Criminal Cost
Crowbar (as weapon WB +1) 8GP
Lock pick (needed to open locks) 4GP
Mask 5CP
Magical Services Cost
Identify magic item 5GP
Animals Cost
Horse 50GP
Small animal (chicken, dog, cat) 2GP
Warhorse 500GP
Working animal (donkey, cow, pig) 20GP
Raising structures Cost
1m wooden palisades (height 3m) 15SP
1m wooden fence (height 1m) 4SP
1m stone wall (height 3m) 2GP
Door, reinforced 4GP
Door, simple 1GP
Gate 6GP
Glass window 5GP
House (1 floor; half-timbered) 1GP/m²
House (1 floor; wood) 2GP/m²
House (1 floor; stone) 4GP/m²
Keep (1 floor; stone) 50GP/m²
Land (if available for purchase) 5GP/m²