Drowning and Falling

The Fantasy Role-Playing Game of Adventure and Death from Drowning and Falling



System Reference Document

The microfiction in Drowning and Falling is under the same licence as the rest of the test, but has not been included in the SRD.


  • Off-hand inspirational comment: Andy Kitkowski
  • Game design: Jason Morningstar
  • Book design: Patrick Murphy, a Mad Irishman production
  • Production Editor: Steve Segedy
  • Copy Editor: Autumn Winters
  • Art Director: Remi Treuer
  • Cover art: Jason Turner
  • Interior art: John Hill, Eric Poole, Dalton Sharp, and Remi Treuer
  • With major contributions by Joshua BishopRoby, Piers Brown, Alex Fradera, Christian Griffen, Bryan Hansel, Maura Hogan, Scott Morningstar, Clinton R. Nixon, Dev Perkayastha, Eric Provost, Lisa Provost and Remi Treuer.
  • Additional ideas and pithy suggestions from the good people of story-games.com, including Brendan Adkins, Adam Biltcliffe, Eric J. Boyd, Stuart Broz, Paul Czege, Chris Goodwin, John Harper, Jonas Karlsson, Andy Kitkowski, Levi Kornelsen, Judson Lester, Ben Lehman, Tony Lower-Basch, Matt Machell, Dave Michael, Bradley Robins, Jeffrey Schecter, Brennan Taylor, Graham Walmsley, and Fred Wolke.


The proceeds of the game were donated to ORBIS International.