Introduction and Preparation


There is a world far from here - a world like our own, but completely different. A gritty medieval world of magic and mystery with enchanted creatures, drowning, and falling! Are you brave enough to face the danger? Do you enjoy killing monsters? Do you like acquiring treasure? Do you have good balance and a decent Australian crawl? If so, prepare to test your mettle against the sorts of devilish challenges your friends tend to create, because only the best heroes will emerge victorious in the savage world of Drowning and Falling!


The Drowning and Falling Role-Playing Game is best played with a bunch of people - you and all your friends. Playing with three is the bare minimum, and it really starts to get fun with five or six participants.

As a group, you'll need: A place to play. Some post-it notes for finished challenges and treasure. A standard deck of cards for creating challenges. Snacks.

Each player ought to have: A pair of standard six-sided dice. A pencil. A Drowning and Falling Characters Sheet, or some scratch paper.

Group preparation consists of giving each player some playing cards, with which you will all create challenges by writing them on post-it notes. The rules for creating challenges are in Part Six: Underworld And Wilderness Adventures. Individual preparation consists of making up a character, and then making up a few more as backups. It's pretty easy, so always try to keep a spare around - that's why it's called a characters sheet.