Appendix A: Sample Campaign Settings


The Gorgon hunters on Gorgon Island are cold-hearted killers - they have to be. They are the brave men and women who go down the gorgon pits to slay gorgons. Why hunt gorgons? Because they are a blight, an evil canker upon the green and fecund land above. Are you brave - and foolish - enough to enter the gorgon's lair and give them the whipping they deserve? It is a ren-faire-like land of peace and good will, with jolly kings and smiling peasants, marred only by the stinking gorgon pits that dot the landscape within easy reach of every village. Beneath the very feet of the good people of Gorgon island are gorgons and their hated minions - cliff sharks, skeletons, and the mighty kraken itself! What path will you choose? The path of war leads like an elf-arrow straight into the heart of the gorgon pits, but the path of adventure will take you on a rollicking roller coaster of thrills that ends in the dreaded pits of the gorgons themselves!

This campaign setting should be heavy on the gorgons. It should also include a lot of falling and drowning.


By Joshua BishopRoby

The world is flat and the old sailors live upon its ragged Edge. Oceans of water are constantly pouring off over the side, creating waterfalls and torrents and collecting in swift rivers and even some ponds and lakes where the crags jut out far enough to trap the water. Of course the edge is tectonically active, and gouts of lava pour out of lava tubes and suchlike. There are deep, water-filled craters, caused by the magic rockets of angry wizard and undead meteors. Also there are scary castles with moats and ramparts.

The Edge was originally populated by crews of sailing ships that went over the edge of the world and managed to crash on the steep slopes below. Since that time, however, the sailors managed to find themselves some women and have prospered and multiplied. They farm terraced gardens and loot the remains of underground dungeons that get brought to the edge of the world through tectonic action. Of course, their lives are in constant danger — constant danger of drowning, and of falling.