Cult of the King-God

By Ryan St

The Cult of the King-God are Abross' agents in the Halcyon, though most live their lives without ever seeing Novoss Iksi, since those who go may not return, and membership in the Cult is not sufficient to be allowed entry into that City of Plenty.

Some fanatics attempt to further the Pilgrim's Prophecy by forcing the Living Gods into conflict with one another.

They are a powerful force that often is involved in intrigue and occasionally plot against the interests of the gods of the cities. In Isra, where the Living God has been absent for some time, they are most powerful. They count the Isran Doctors and many merchant Names among their enemies.

The Cult is de facto banned in some cities. As no official wants to openly oppose the king of gods, these followers are typically banished from these cities on charges of drunken disorderliness, vandalism, or assault. These are usually fair charges also.