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  • Anima PrimeA fast-paced RPG based on Final Fantasy and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • As the Tea Leaves GrowSmall Toad – youngest student of Master Iron Willow – gave the rarest tea flower in Master Iron Willow's considerable collection to a passing beauty.
  • Beast HuntersTattooed hunters of beasts use their fiendish blood for sorcery.
  • COREA generic community-designed game.
  • DonjonA fantasy dungeoncrawl game with significant player narrative control.
  • Escape from ThanatosA Space Opera where one takes on the roles of Captain Talia Mercury, Merchant Prince Marcus Dunn, ageing Space Knight Sir Lux Angelo, Francisco - Talia's stalwart companion, and Mona - a mysterious stowaway as they crash land on the planet Thanatos after escaping the Omegan Empire!
  • FASTA light and simple skill-based RPG.
  • GeasaA story telling game about fickle fairies.
  • Hearth & HuntA coming-of-age ritual on the edge of the world.
  • JazzA flexible and easy-to-use game system drawn from many sources.
  • MidgardPlay a viking hero on epic adventures.
  • OSTSA generic rules-light RPG.
  • RunebearerA fantasy game which draws on several different RPG systems.
  • Shadow of YesterdayA pioneering RPG where characters are defined by their Keys and Secrets.
  • Terror of the Serpent MenDan Dynamo - renowned pulp hero - is playing host to the gorgeous Princess Aphasia of the Venusians.
  • ToastA rules-light universal RPG.
  • Wushu OpenA game where detailed narration affects your chances of success.