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  • A Strange CharmAn RPG based on time travellers eternally reborn as they trawl the stars and lost years.
  • Department 9You work for the Fates, manipulating people’s destinies to make sure everything goes according to The Plan.
  • DulseA game about relationships, ideals, and the choices we make to preserve or destroy them.
  • GhostsYour fantasy city is under siege. Play both the living and the dead.
  • House of MasksIn a far off land where mighty sorcerers dwell, the God-King Castor rules from a castle where the spirit realm and physical realm touch, allowing for powerful magics to happen and for a person’s spirit form to take control of one’s body..
  • LongshotYou’re a colonist four light years away from home, scraping by thanks to the occasional supply ship from Earth.
  • Man and UbermenschA fascist superhero replaces the US President during World War II.
  • MULRAHAn RPG that has undergone considerable changes in recent versions.
  • MyriadA rules-light modular generic RPG.
  • Old MessilaBilly the Kid is on a train to Old Messila, doomed to hanging in this Lady Blackbird hack.
  • PolliesA generic dice-based RPG.
  • RevolucionChart the course of any revolution, real or imagined, in any time or place.
  • ShadowsChildren accompanied by their formidable Shadows.
  • TelgrathiaA fantasy game based on Blackjack.
  • The G.A.M.E SystemThe Generic Action Mediation System is designed to give players flexibility in the powers they design.
  • The PlantA solo RPG where you play someone crawling around the innards of a power plant.
  • WordplayA straightforward narrative role-playing game.
  • Wushu OpenA game where detailed narration affects your chances of success.
  • You Are BadassA short and sweet game where you play a badass in the near future.