Broken Blades

By Ryan St

Denayir has a large population of Gams in their slave caste, due to a rebellion among the nobles almost a century ago. After a long absence and few pronouncements by the God, the nobles of Denayir believed that Cheneth had lost his powers. They attempted to assasinate Cheneth, bringing many blades to council and attempting to kill him with a thousand cuts.

This failed utterly. The blades of the would-be assassins shattered when they touched Cheneth's skin, and the houses found themselves in chains. Cheneth likes gloating over the losers too much to just execute any but the leaders of the rebellion (in fact, some suspect Cheneth encouraged the rebellion to clean out noble houses he no longer trusted). This event is known now as the Night of Broken Blades.

The Broken Blades faction is made up of descendents of the enslaved Gam noblemen, and some of their relatives from other cities. This faction was originally devoted to restoring the noblemen to their posts, and killing Cheneth. In the last two decades the faction has become less and less focused on this goal, however, and devotes most of its energies to bettering the lives of its members (smuggling or buying Gam members out of slavery).