By Ryan St, Charles Ferguson and Stephanie Lauren.

The Behemoth, or Bokk, is the brother of Kontokko the Monster-God. The beast is said to be unkillable, so it is chained by Abross, King of Gods.

When Abross defeated Kontokko and became the King of Gods he chained the Behemoth beneath the waves of the Witchery. Legends say that Abross watches the Behemoth from his throne, for the god's eyes are so sharp that they can see far into the depths of the ocean even while he remains in Novoss Ixi, the City of Plenty.

In the Pilgrim's Prophecy the Behemoth breaks free and slays Abross before the world is turned to dust.

Among the foulest curses in common usage in the Halcyon are "Fight Bokk", "Bokk's Maw", "Bokk's Balls"

Men whisper that in the secret teachings of the Savant-Assassins of Ousanko Lhal, Behemoth is actually the tanist or shadowself of Abross, and that it is this power, gained when he ate the heart of Kontokko, that makes him the King Of Gods. They say that it is Abross himself who will end the world. He will be consumed by the dark power of his shadowself and make the final transformation into Behemoth from which there is no return. This will bring the Final End, when Abross/Behemoth will eat the world.

Barbarians of the Waste who worship Abross believe the world shall not be devoured. Instead, in their myth, which has a great deal in common with the Pilgrim's Prophecy, the Behemoth will slay all other gods and the corrupt of the cities will follow in its wake. These Barbarians believe they will be called to Abross's banner to destroy this army, and the call may be imminent.