By Rob Harper, Stephanie Lauren and Ryan St

Barbarians is what the city-people call the tribes of The Wastes, failing to distinguish their different histories and cultures.

Between the savage, cannibalistic and inhuman Srol and Inheritors of On there is a gap of millennia in development.

The true people of The Wastes descend from the civilization of On that once existed there in ancient age. They have felt Fate's lash and become Fate's servants. When they stir, all other tribes, human or not, answer their call. The cities would laugh in disbelief if told the tale of the true number of the tribes if all answered or of the ancient powers of weird science the Inheritors command.

Should the day come that the Inheritors decide the Living Gods offend so against Fate that their crimes would risk another age of destruction, the Inheritors will summon the tribes to wage holy war and cleanse the world err Fate does. Whether the tribes would come only to slay the Living Gods and not destroy the cities if they did not defend their gods, or the tribes would come to destroy all, this too is part of the judgement not yet delivered.

Some Barbarians such as the Oathmen of the distant North share a belief in the Pilgrim's Prophecy. But to them, it is not the end of the world, but a rebirth of old ideals. Oathmen believe they will unite with the other tribes of The Wastes and destroy the cities of the Halcyon. Oathmen revere the Inheritors and have have sought out Inheritor Seer-Kings to read the portents.