An isolated utopia torn apart by its fear of outsiders.

By Chris Sakkas.

A group of settlers, tired of war, settled an isolated river valley with just enough room for the hundred families that made the trek, and a castle perched protectively over the town.

Region: Khelil Kingdoms.


What Does it Have: Ivory, amber, pottery, wool, stone.
What Does it Need: Timber, metals.
Politics: The representatives of several Leagues sit on the town council.
Neighbours: Only Hurad raiders and Puteshi tribespeople.
People: Roughly one hundred families, some larger than others, and some Old Blood “indentured servants” (slaves).
Religion: The Arcadians were persecuted for their firm Iron Cross faith, and most keep this devotion very strongly.
History: The last – normal-sized – king was murdered by the Captain of the King’s Housecarls, Ichochti, who seized his place and cemented his own rule of the kingdom.
Language: Khel.


The Merchants’ League: A consortium of traders that believes Arcadia must trade and ally with its neighbours for protection, making itself more valuable as an ally than an enemy.
The Soldiers’ League: A collection of warriors, spies and militiamen who prefer to undermine and sabotage hostile neighbouring countries so they cannot harm Arcadia.
The True: Once members of the Chaste now long separated from their doctrine books and stained glass, the True preserve what they remember as the faith of the Iron Cross – though the emphasis is on isolation, tradition and asceticism.
The Farmers’ League: A minor alliance in terms of influence but strong in membership, the farmers usually use other means to achieve their goals.


The Wandering Wall: In Arcadia’s feverish panic to keep its enemies out, it has slowly built a short wall around its valley, lengthening the wall by a few metres each year. Instead of entirely enclosing the valley, it spirals outwards so with each passing year more and more countryside comes to fall within the territory of Arcadia.
Slave Revolt: The hundred founding families brought with them several Old Blood slaves (over whom the war was being fought in the first place). Unhappy with the scarcity and poverty of the town, anger simmers.