Among the Fairy Court


♠A: A beautiful queen with exotic garb, whose radiant Court of Pride stands atop a dungeon choked with prisoners.
♠2: A knight, chaste and holy, who seeks the Truth of salvation but is desperately in love with a mortal woman.
♠3: A nymph, delicate and flirtatious, who seeks freedom from her prison.
♠4: A misshapen hag whose expensive clothes cast an illusion that makes her beautiful.
♠5: A princess takes up the sword to rescue her captured parents.
♠6: A castle is besieged by a dragon.
♠7: A bored noblewoman who seduces knights into joining her in the Bower of Bliss.
♠8: A lady, wan and dressed in black, who faithfully awaits her husband, lost at sea.
♠9: A sorcerer with dark plots and ambitions, set against the Crown but with his own claim to it.
♠10: A lady knight, disguised as a man and seeking to prove herself at the King’s Joust.
♠J: A sleepless and unfaltering man made entirely of metal who shows no mercy to the wicked.
♠Q: A king, once mighty but now aged and feeble, continuing his desperate wooing of the Fairy Queen.
♠K: A healer, shy and enraptured by a brave but uncaring knight.


♣A: A dishonourable knight with no malice in his heart, who enjoys theft and the company of loose women.
♣2: An enchanted spear that allows the one who bears it to defeat all foes.
♣3: A sorcerer can tear the hearts from the living, leaving them animated, emotionless slaves.
♣4: The princess has been spirited away on her wedding night by the unquiet shade of the dead man she was once pledged to.
♣5: A shepherd, simple and unshakable, who wants only to return to the comfort of sitting on the hills watching his flock.
♣6: A knight has left his love, convinced he is unworthy of her.
♣7: The Fairy Queen is holding court, and has invited the finest knights of the land.
♣8: A jaded noblewoman is sick of knights, jousts and war.
♣9: A child has been found on the banks of the River Styx.
♣10: A knight, the son of a nymph and a sailor lost beneath the sea, seeks his mother’s advice on matters of the heart and his father’s advice on matters of war.
♣J: A foreign wizard, dressed all in rags, has been taken in by the king’s court.
♣Q: A roguish knight, famed for his dalliances but now truly and irrevocably in love with the queen.
♣K: A servant has shattered the magic mirror that allowed the king to survey all his lands.


♥A: The daughter of a satyr, wild and rambunctious.
♥2: Torrential rains has forced a band of travellers off the road and into the dark woods.o
♥3: A sorcerer has given his spirit companions physical forms, and travels to court with the imps as his squires.
♥4: Two men, hounded by the Church, have been turned into entwined trees by a benign witch – but the knowledge only they have is still needed.
♥5: The princess has tamed a lion with her righteousness, and now wishes to become a woman of the cloth.
♥6: A nun, her monastery burnt to the ground around her by raiders, sits in a corner of the castle and does her rosary muttering prophetic gibberish.
♥7: Lord Night has sent his foot soldiers and heralds to mark the coming eclipse.
♥8: The queen has been kidnapped by satyrs and fauns, but she no longer wishes to leave.
♥9: An ogre and a beautiful sorceress have designs on the throne.
♥10: Only a charmed shield can ward off the hydra that ravages the land.
♥J: The well of life and the undying knight who wards it.
♥Q: The host of Hell is rising from the ground.
♥K: Bugbears are stalking the villagers.


♦A: The wildlife in the woods and dells are vicious, like something possessed.
♦2: A highland raider chieftain has fallen in love with a priestess of the Church.
♦3: A dvergar has left his dark home for a sinister purpose.
♦4: The king’s diviner has dropped dead, leaving his child apprentice the only conjurer at court.
♦5: Two servants have been found dead, torn apart by wolves in the kitchens.
♦6: A slave train makes its slow and wretched way across the land.
♦7: The wandering folk are being hunted by villagers who angrily accuse them of murdering the shire reeve.
♦8: A cruel and scornful knight has been beaten in a wrestling match by a milkmaid.
♦9: Only the sky’s tears will restore a woman turned to stone to life.
♦10: An ancient order of druids plot a final sacrifice.
♦J: A man of the cloth, hounded by the men and women he has cheated at dice.
♦Q: A hermit who can heal any injury.
♦K: A man must catch a falling star to become a sorcerer.