4C System without the Master Table

A variation of 4C System that doesn't require looking up a table.

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This variant uses a d20 instead of the d%, and does not involve referencing the Master Table. It generates results that are different – but similar – to those that would have resulted from a d% and the Master Table. If you are looking for a system that uses a d20 and the Master Table, check out 20C System.

The first step is to convert your Rank Value to a Rank Score.

Rank Value Rank Score
5000+ 18
2500-4999 17
1500-2499 16
1000-1499 15
500-999 14
250-499 13
150-249 12
100-149 11
75-99 10
50-74 9
40-49 8
30-39 7
20-29 6
10-19 5
6-9 4
3-5 3
1-2 2
0 1

When you are asked to roll a d% and consult the Master Table, instead roll a d20, add your rank score, and consult the ACT Table. You also apply any rank shifts from circumstance bonuses or penalties.

ACT Table
Roll Result
A 'natural 1' Black
A 'natural 20' Yellow
1-15 Black
16-20 Red
21-25 Blue
26+ Yellow

A ‘natural 1’ is when the dice roll (unmodified by your rank score) is 1.
A ‘natural 20’ is when the dice roll (unmodified by your rank score) is 20.